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A review from Victoria at The Harrogate Girl.

Detailed consultation

“I was lucky enough to experience a massage from Fiona. Arriving at Pure Treatment Rooms, where Fiona works by appointment on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. From 9:30am – 7:30pm. I headed up to her massage room and we started with a consultation. Fiona when into great detail about my health, wellbeing, job, exercise, diet, skin condition the lot! The whole consultation can take up to 15 minutes. This enables Fiona to ensure she gives the best treatment for you. Due to my job, and the extra long hours of blogging we agreed my shoulders were the first priority. She would work to relieve pressure points and stress but the rest of the massage was up to me. I chose to also focus on my lower back, neck and feet.
Fiona then left the room so I could get comfortable. Most people don’t know what to do here so most therapists expect you to undress down to your underwear, taking off your bra if you’re wearing one, lie on the bed, face down, and cover yourself in the towel provided.

Drifting into a sleep-like state

Fiona returned to the room and popped my feet up onto a bolster, I’d never been in this position for a massage but I could feel the pressure release from my lower back immediately.  Fiona put on some relaxing background music before starting the massage. The first touch was bliss. I’ve never had such a slow and considered massage like this one. I’ve been to many spas and love a deep sports massage but Fiona’s hands were incredible. Nothing was rushed and every part of my shoulder was explored for hidden stress points. I could feel myself drifting into a sleep-like state. After what felt like a lifetime of eternal bliss Fiona carmly let me know the massage had ended. She said to take my time to get up and she would go get me some more water. I would certainly recommend Fiona, I would certainly say some of my friends with babies and small children who suffer from back pain would benefit greatly from Fiona’s healing hands.
I left feeling calm, feeling lighter and I slept for 10 hours straight!”

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