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Express De-stress.

Workplace treatments to reward your staff and help them de-stress.

Time is precious. Life is so busy that it’s often hard to take time away for ourselves. However, it’s essential that we take a little time to look after both our physical and mental wellbeing. If you know treatment is vital, but you’re short on time, then an Express De-stress treatment may be for you.

Express De-stress

Express De-stress massage is done from an ergonomically-designed chair. This means it can be set up easily in any quiet space, including an office meeting room. As you remain fully-dressed for this massage, there’s no need for privacy. Therefore, an Express De-stress massage can easily be done on your lunchbreak, allowing you to take a snapshot of time away from your hectic day.

On-site massage can be used as part of a stress management or wellness programme in the office. If you’re looking to dedicate some time to your employees’ wellbeing, a short massage can reduce tension, chronic pain, and manage their physical and mental wellbeing.


• Improve health and wellbeing at work
• Boost morale and motivation
• Rewards staff.

Sessions usually last between 10 and 20 minutes, and the treatment focuses on the back and neck.

For more information on how to offer Express De-stress at your workplace or event...

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