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Massage for chronic pain and stress

Your shoulders are knotted, your neck is tight and your lower back is painful. You’re feeling stressed but don’t have time for a holiday. You don’t even have time to look for one! Maybe you’re juggling the demands of your career, kids and aging parents and need a bit of “me time”. Time for yourself to de-stress, unwind and get those shoulders unknotted.

Massage therapy in Harrogate

I provide massage therapy in Harrogate to relax, revive and help relieve chronic pain and stress. A blend of techniques is used according to what you need on the day. Typically a mix of deep tissue massage, Trigger Point work, Myofascial techniques, stretches and soothing holistic massage. Maybe you’d like to add in Facial Rejuvenation or Indian Head Massage too. This is your chance to take time out from your busy life and recharge.

I understand what its like, as I’ve been there too. Being chronically stressed and anxious, with shoulders like concrete and unable to sleep is just awful. But I love to help people like you unclench their jaws, loosen those tight shoulders and unwind from the daily stress.

If you’d like to know more please call 07931999477 for a no obligation chat to or book in for a free 15 minute consultation.

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