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Going for a massage for the first time?

Going for a massage for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience. Ironic, since it’s a wonderfully relaxing thing to do! But knowing where to go, what to wear, which way to even lie on the table can all be confusing. Let alone, does it hurt, and how do I say if the pressure isn’t firm enough? I’ve met a few new clients lately, and they’ve never had a massage before so I thought I’d write this to try and help.

How to find me

Complete Calm Massage Therapy is based at my home on Dragon Parade. I’ll send you the full address when you make a booking. There’s parking available on the street, and I’ll give you a permit if needed.


When you arrive, please knock on the front door and I’ll come out to meet you. We’ll go through a consultation form together so you can let me know of aches and pains that you’d like addressing. And let me know about pressure you’d like, would you like deep tissue massage or a more relaxing treatment. I might test range of motion and look at posture at this stage too. We’ll agree a treatment plan for the day’s treatment.

Before the treatment

I’ll explain what items of clothing to remove, this is always to your levels of comfort, and I’ll preserve your modesty with towels at all times. Then I’ll leave the room for you to undress and get on the table. You call me back when you’re ready.

The massage

Hopefully you’ll be comfortable and cosy on the table. But please let me know if there’s anything that would make you more comfy, for example an extra blanket or pillow. I’ll already have an idea of the pressure you like from the consultation, but I’ll check in about whether you’d like a firmer or lighter massage. Please feel free to ask me to adjust the pressure at any time. If we’re doing Trigger Point or stretching work, I’ll occasionally ask you for feedback. Otherwise I’ll be quiet and leave you to relax. Don’t worry if you fall asleep (or even snore!), it happens and I’ll leave you to snooze until I need to get you to turn.

After the massage I’ll leave the room to get you water and let you come round and get dressed. You might feel a little spaced out or drowsy at this stage, don’t worry, this is normal! On my return, I’ll give you a little homework, possibly some stretches or relaxation techniques to make the benefits of the massage last longer. And then its back out into the world, feeling relaxed and restored.

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